As Children of the Moment

As children of the moment,
we look up and contemplate
the enormity of the eternal
history we have created for
ourselves. That history informs
us of wisdom learned to be used
to co-create our future with the
support of the great ‘All-That-Is’.
As we turn to take that first moment
into our future we are well advised
to remember the Wizard’s First Rule:
“Consider the consequences of what you do.”
An important step should never be
taken lightly. Each one deserves the
dignity of great awe and thought.
I wish you a thoughtful future.
And I wish you light and love.

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Self Hobbling

I have a good friend who is an energy worker, and counsellor. She is a very good counsellor in the field that is her focus. This woman has also been in a time of continuous change for the last few years.

For those of us who work with energy (and I know many who do) these last couple of years have been times of upheaval and change, of having the table rudely whipped out from underneath our elbows. A wake up time. A time of lessons to learn and beliefs to be re-examined. A time to reaffirm our commitment to Source and our understanding of the path that leads to Source. Challenges. Lots of challenges.

This journey can leave us afraid to move or change anything because of the impacts of change in our lives and the realization that the foundations of our physical reality have been built on beach sand that is being eroded by the ever changing energy and fluidity of water. It can be hard to trust that this is the most opportune time to set sail and to go where the tides and winds take us. But now IS the time the for new adventures and explorations.

We become so grounded in our physicality and the potential for harm to our physical reality that we forget  that we are energy beings; that we are part of the ever lasting reality of Source. That in fact we cannot die. That as Spirit and Energy we cannot be fundamentally harmed or  damaged. That this life we are living is a place to learn, and have some fun doing it. That we chose to be here.

As I said, my friend is very good at what she does. But she has become so unnerved by constant change that her practice has been damaged. She sets up barriers to taking on new clients. First this has to be done so she can do that, and then she can consider doing that piece of advertising to bring in the new clients her practice needs, once she has reorganized her schedule to allow for new the clients. Now mind, there are times when she takes great strides forward. Huge leaps of faith and energy that create huge shifts in her life. And that scares her badly. So she goes back to first I must do this so I can do that before I can do that over there. Instead of building bridges to a new and better life, she builds barriers. It is one of the ways she displays fear in her life. It is how she hobbles herself.

And we all do that, display fear in our lives, one way or another. How do you display fear in your life? What are the consequences? How does mere fear hobble you in your life? Maybe not like my friend but you do show fear in ways that are unique to you.

Psychologists claim that we all have the same five basic fears:

the fear of physical extinction –  fear of death;
the fear of mutilation (allied to the fear of in-terror-gation and torture);
the fear of loss of autonomy, of not being in control of our physical reality – teenage rebellion, abuse, a really bad job/boss that we think we cannot afford to let go of…;
the fear of separation, the fear a child feels when they cannot find their parent, how we feel when we loose a friend or a close relative (some of the basis of grieving I suspect), of being ‘unseen’ in our environment, of becoming a non-person to those around us, rejection by those who matter to us;
the fear of ego-death, the disabling consequences of loose of reputation that some feel, being shamed and profoundly disapproved of, the lose of feeling lovable, capable and worthy – the techniques some organizations use to keep their flock in line.

The fear of change is related to all five of these basic fears. Think about it. This fear pervades our lives in all kinds of ways. The small anxiety we feel when forced to take an alternate route to work in the morning. The discomfort we feel when something suddenly changes in our routine and how that can affect us physically. The anxiety we feel in new social environments. The adrenalin rush we feel when someone cuts us off too closely in traffic. Any time change presents itself in ways we cannot fundamentally control, creates fear, or some slightly reduced version of fear. As the speed we live at increases, the less control we have over the changes in our lives. Adrenal burnout is becoming very normal. Fear creates the fear of fear.

As Roosevelt said, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. And that is because it hobbles us. Like deer in a headlight we just stand there and wait. Is that freedom? Change can be exhilarating or it can be our limitation. Which is it for you?

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Another lesson learned

As I mentioned before, the journey of the last 12 months has been one of lessons. Another lesson I have learned along the way it the lesson of the true value of my possessions.

When you are a vagabond as I have been this last while, the amount of stuff you are carrying with you can become very burdensome. In preparing for the last move, and for the one coming up in September, I have taken the time to go through my stuff and decide what is trash and what is treasure. And then from the treasure pile, which are my treasures and which are treasures best left for someone else to enjoy for awhile. The process has become quite a litmus test for what is actually important to me.

First, it blew my mind how much of what landed in the trash pile was stuff I had been mindlessly dragging around with me for several years (and a few moves).

Like why am I carrying around scraps of paper with contact info for people I don’t remember?! From *years* ago. Ancient business cards are in the that same category. Certainly time to let those go!

How many years of income tax returns am I required to keep, just in case the Canada Revenue Agency can’t find their copy? Surely not 20. For that matter, how many years of any kind of paper records does any ordinary human have to lug around with them in today’s ‘paperless’ world? Clearly we are not there yet. Paperless is still a social goal. But how much of mine am I required to carry with me? Clearly not as much as I had.

Then there is the bent paperclip & broken bulldog clip collection. Won’t even go there!

Clothes that don’t fit or clearly are due for the rag bag. The former should go to a local charity and the latter – well the garbage clearly. Why do I still have that stuff? What was I thinking?

I could go on, but you get the idea.

Then there is the treasure pile. Most treasures are in our lives because of who gave them to us, a memory attached to them, or the clear functionality in our present life.

I chose to use the present functionality test first in my decision making process, and then looked at some of my stuff that didn’t make the cut.

The memory of those who gave us the gift (or item) shouldn’t be tied to stuff. If there is/was a true connection, it’s to the person and the memory of that person that is important. Really, do you *need* that garish whatever that a long ago friend thought you would like for your birthday? Probably not. So why do you still have it? If that person has been out of your life for awhile, are you remembering the person through the item, or are you remembering the memory of the person through stuff? Or are you keeping the gift out of habit? Is it time to remember the good times spent with the person or the lesson learned through them, and to let the gift go? Probably. We seldom forget what we really need to remember. And its the people who count, not stuff.

However, some stuff is important. Like the first picture of your first child. Or really any picture of any of your kids, family, or friends. Even those you don’t much like right now. Time passes. Attitudes change. Memories become precious. And pictures are evocative and most are worth keeping.

If your connection to someone was a truly important connection, then maybe the treasure attached to them lands in the keep file, for a while longer anyway, particularly if there are important memories attached.

So I went through the, ‘Why is that a treasure?’ test as well.

I even applied it to some of my furniture and household items. That was a bit of an eye opener. I often tell friends who are having trouble letting go of something because ‘it might come in useful’, that there  “is more at the store” if they do find they need it, sometime. It is often less expensive, monetarily and psychologically, to let things go and only buy one if you actually have a present need for ‘it’ than to keep one around, just in case, cluttering up your space and your psyche. Our things tend to clutter not only our space but our relationship to our space and therefore our minds. Time for me to live by my own words: ‘Let it go – there’s more at the store.’

Clarity and lightness going forward.

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This has been an interesting year

As an energy worker, I always look at the events in my life and try to see beyond the obvious to the message and then to the meaning(s) in the message. Because there is always a message. And what they mean in my life can be quite profound.

This year has been an exceptionally busy message year. Apparently I am catching up on stuff I had been ignoring now that the work of 2012 is largely done, not entirely done mind, but largely. There is still much work to do and I think this year has been my prep for what is coming for me in my journey.

It has been a year of wanderings. I decided about this time last year to take time to relax and de-stress after decades of working in high stress environments and situations in order to meet the demands of daily living in our NA culture. It was clearly time to stop, find a quiet place, and learn to hear spirit in a different way.

The intent was to move north of where I was to a place that I knew was more quiet and reflective of the journey I now felt called to make. Of course you know that old saw about best laid plans…well I have moved house 3 times in the last 12 month and am still not ‘there’ yet. There were always lessons attached to the places I did land along the way. And a lesson in why, once I understood a message, I had to move on. It has been a rich exercise in understanding what I really need in my life from this point forward. It has been an important journey.

One of the important lessons I have learned is to be true to myself. It’s my journey and it’s a personal journey and no one else’s. That means that there can be no tag-alongs. I have to recognize that each of us is on our own self-directed soul journey in this life. We innately have absolute personal freedom to self-direct our journey and that comes from who we are in spirit. Each life journey we make is a soul journey that meets our needs and ours only. We cannot allow others to become part of our personal soul journey. Meaning of course that some people who have been deeply part of our lives, and who do not (and sometime simply cannot) understand this concept must fall away from us in which ever way makes sense to them.

I was sad about that frankly until I realized that to allow others to participate in my personal soul journey was to disrespect their personal soul journey as if mine was the only valid journey for those close to me. So the only ones left are those who are walking beside me because, for the moment at least, their personal soul journey makes that possible. It was a difficult and painful message but at the same time uplifting and affirming.

And I respect and bless time spent together and the lessons learn from each other. And I respect and bless the parting when that time comes, as it inevitably will, because that’s why we’re here – to learn from each other and move on.

Not moving on dishonours my own soul journey. And the snap back on dishonouring my own journey could be devastating. So I chose to take the lesson and move on. With respect.

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The other side of 12-21-12

As we find ourselves on the other side of 12-21-12 and wondering what is different, take time to reflect on all the tumultuous, stimulating, and remarkable things that have happened on our planet in the last 2 or 3 years. Much tragedy. Much hope. Much grief. And much joy. Gaia in action. Gaia reading herself for her next evolvement, and for ours. The future that is being created will be different than our past. For the future of our children (and for certain for our own futures whatever part of our life we are in) it is time to learn/teach how to take ownership of our own  lives, irrespective of what is going on around us and what others are doing on their this life trip and the challenges they are setting for themselves. This little video says it elequently .Please take a look and then give it some thought.

(copy and past the URL)



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Back again

Sometimes Energy takes us off the path for a little lesson, and I have just come through such a lesson, a lesson on what is truly important in our lives.

We have all heard the phrase, “Poor little rich girl.” Well, I have spent the last several months participating as part of a team to help a very wealthy young woman with high anxiety syndrome find equilibrium in her life. The Universe brought three Reiki masters together to help her find the balance point between all out, shut-down anxiety, and reality. She is a highly intelligent young woman so she got there in the end, but we (the team) are concerned about how long she will be able to maintain that balance unsupported because once we got her to that place we were clearly no longer needed. It was time for her parents to step back into her life. And they did.

Her parents’ idea of being there for their daughter was to purchase her a house (a B–I–G house) a few blocks away from their house for her to live in all by herself with a servant/house mum who has a 6 month old babe of her own to look after. Isn’t that what every 16-year-old wants? A beautiful big house to rattle around in all by themselves? No family. No sibs. No parents. No friends. Just a woman she barely knows and a 6 month old baby.

Her parents are very busy business people and they seem to view raising their children as ‘the business of raising children”. So they are not there to hear how her day went at school. They are not there to listen to her dreams. They are not there to give her a hug when she is down. They are not there for those long and important parent / child conversations.  They are not there for a cozy evening in front of the TV. They are not there in their capacity as parents at all. Someone else is hired to do that for them.

And all our young woman wants, all that she has ever asked for, is to go home and live with her parents. But instead she has been abandoned to her own house to live with a stranger. She thinks she is being punished for something and I think she is right.

And what is she being punished for do you think? Well, she is being punished for having high anxiety syndrome. Her Mother finds it very difficult to be around her daughter when high anxiety hits. Very difficult. Makes her mother very anxious. Very fearful.

What do you think the odds are that our young woman will be back in uncontrolled high anxiety before the next school year is done? Does she even have a chance? Will she come back from it the next time, on her own? How many ‘come backs’ do you think a 16-year-old has in them? She is courageous – a very lovely, personable, well-behaved, energetically sensitive, intelligent, and courageous young woman. The kind of daughter most parents of a 16 year old daughter would love to have. She’s a great kid. But I am very worried for her. Her way of making it work is to do anything to please. To gain acceptance.

So what is the lesson here? What would you take from this story (it is a true story) that would help enrich your life? Or the lives of your children? Your parents? Your life partner?  Your family? Your friends. Co-workers?

Part of the answer is understanding what the tipping point was for our young woman. Yes to some extent her high anxiety is genetic, but just because we have a genetic predisposition to something doesn’t mean we have to go there. So why did this young lady go to that place of serious and possibly life-threatening high anxiety? Note: high anxiety people often try to deal with their feelings of anxiety with drugs, cutting, and other life-threatening behaviours such as attempts at suicide.

Another part of the answer is understanding what children really need more than any amount of anything you can buy them. What do you think those might be? Support? Love? Nurturing? Being held and heard? Personally cared for? Included? Being part of the richness of a family? Feeling wanted? Children can live just fine without the next fashionable toy, but they wither without love.

Libraries have been written on the damage that is done when children are emotionally abandoned. We become high anxiety when we are emotionally abandoned, and the problem is growning in our society at a terrifying rate according to psychologists. Why do you suppose that is?

So why do her parents think things will fill that void their daughter’s life? What taught them that? They are  not calus people. They care about their daughter. But what is it about our modern life-style that informed them that love equates to things? That expensive things will fill the void of their absence in her life? What is going on here to cause this belief? And before you go there, this kind of behaviour has not traditionally been standard fare for wealthy families, but it has become so for ordinary families as well as the wealthy. Its an epidemic. Where is it coming from?

How do you think life style has contributed to her anxiety? Did she choose this life style? Not really. Not like this anyway. Her personal values are for the closeness of family. It shows up in her behaviours and the way she treats the people she cares about. Her values are clearly not the same as her parents’ values.

I know many of you are good parents, siblings, children, friends, etc., but pay attention. Make sure that the things that are really important in your life and the lives of those you care about are happening. Make sure that the most valuable gift you give them is yourself, your attention, and your time. Demonstrate your love in ways they can understand and that will support them wherever they go.

The only thing that you can take with you in the end is the quality of the relationships you built while in your life. The love. The belonging. The sharing. The memories.

Our young lady’s parents may have some serious karmic rebound from this life. And what values are they teaching their children about what is really important? I am concerned not just for our Miss T, but for all the kids out there.

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12 Signs of your Awakening Divinity

I read the following in a newsletter I follow called Gritty Angel ( The information in the article embodies so much of what I have been reading and hearing about the changes that are occurring for people in an excelerated way as we near 11:11:11 and 2012. The piece originates from the Crimson Circle (


by  Geoffrey Hoppe

1. Body aches and pains, especially in the neck, shoulder and back. This is the result of intense changes at your DNA level as the “Christ seed” awakens within. This too shall pass.

2. Feeling of deep inner sadness for no apparent reason. You are releasing your past (this lifetime and others) and this causes the feeling of sadness. This is similar to the experience of moving from a house where you lived in for many, many years into a new house. As much as you want to move into the new house, there is a sadness of leaving behind the memories, energy and experiences of the old house. This too shall pass.

3. Crying for no apparent reason. Similar to #2 above. It’s good and healthy to let the tears flow. It helps to release the old energy within. This too shall pass.

4. Sudden change in job or career. A very common symptom. As you change, things around you will change as well. Don’t worry about finding the “perfect” job or career right now. This too shall pass. You’re in transition and you may make several job changes before you settle into one that fits your passion.

5. Withdrawal from family relationships. You are connected to your biological family via old karma. When you get off the karmic cycle, the bonds of the old relationships are released. It will appear as though you are drifting away from your family and friends. This too shall pass. After a period of time, you may develop a new relationship with them if it is appropriate. However, the relationship will be based in the new energy without the karmic attachments.

6. Unusual sleep patterns. It’s likely that you’ll awaken many nights between 2:00 and 4:00 AM. There’s a lot of work going on within you, and it often causes you to wake up for a “breather.” Not to worry. If you can’t go back to sleep, get up and do something rather than lie in bed and worry about humanly things. This too shall pass.

7. Intense dreams. These might include war and battle dreams, chase dreams or monster dreams. You are literally releasing the old energy within, and these energies of the past are often symbolized as wars, running to escape and bogeymen. This too shall pass.

8. Physical disorientation. At times you’ll feel very ungrounded. You’ll be “spatially challenged” with the feeling like you can’t put two feet on the ground, or that you’re walking between two worlds. As your consciousness transitions into the new energy, you body sometimes lags behind. Spend more time in nature to help ground the new energy within. This too shall pass.

9. Increased “self talk.” You’ll find yourself talking to your Self more often. You’ll suddenly realize you’ve been chattering away with yourself for the past 30 minutes. There is a new level of communication taking place within your being, and you’re experiencing the tip of the iceberg with the self talk. The conversations will increase, and they will become more fluid, more coherent and more insightful. You’re not going crazy, you’re just Shaumbra moving into the new energy.

10. Feelings of loneliness, even when in the company of others. You may feel alone and removed from others. You may feel the desire to “flee” groups and crowds. As Shaumbra, you are walking a sacred and lonely path. As much as the feelings of loneliness cause you anxiety, it is difficult to relate to others at this time. The feelings of loneliness are also associated with the fact that your Guides have departed. They have been with you on all of your journeys in all of your lifetimes. It was time for them to back away so you could fill your space with your own divinity. This too shall pass. The void within will be filled with the love and energy of your own Christ consciousness.

11. Loss of passion. You may feel totally disempassioned, with little or no desire to do anything. That’s okay, and it’s just part of the process. Take this time to “do no-thing.” Don’t fight yourself on this, because this too shall pass. It’s similar to rebooting a computer. You need to shut down for a brief period of time in order to load the sophisticated new software, or in this case, the new Christ-seed energy.

12. A deep longing to go Home. This is perhaps the most difficult and challenging of any of the conditions. You may experience a deep and overwhelming desire to leave the planet and return to Home. This is not a “suicidal” feeling. It is not based in anger or frustration. You don’t want to make a big deal of it or cause drama for yourself or other. There is a quiet part of you that wants to go Home. The root cause for this is quite simple. You have completed your karmic cycles. You have completed your contract for this lifetime. You are ready to begin a new lifetime while still in this physical body. During this transition process, you have an inner remembrance of what it is like to be on the other side. Are you ready to enlist for another tour of duty here on Earth? Are you ready to take on the challenges of moving into the New Energy? Yes, indeed you could go Home right now. But you’ve come this far, and after many, many lifetimes it would be a shame to leave before the end of the movie. Besides, Spirit needs you here to help others transition into the new energy. They will need a human guide, just like you, who has taken the journey from the old energy into the new. The path you’re walking right now provides the experiences to enable you to become a Teacher of the New Divine Human. As lonely and dark as your journey can be at times, remember that you are never alone.

Copyright 2001 by Geoffrey Hoppe, Golden, CO. Prepared in collaboration with Tobias of the Crimson Circle. Please go to for further information.

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